Sweden-China Startup Forum aim to elevate the Swedish and Chinese start-up and investment scenes in both countries. We do this to connect, inspire and empower Swedish-Chinese entrepreneurs and partnership. By establihing two annually forums in both Sweden and China, we, the next generations of Swedish and Chinese entrepreneurs and professionals, aim to bridge the will with the means.

We aim to create a platform with a hands-on approach, dedicated to solve the challanges that hinders the Swedish and Chinese start-up and investment communities to grow and prosper. We invite entrepreneurs, investors and experts to tell their stories and engage in meetings and discussions, where obstacles and solutions are raised, and from where business shall take off.

The forums are led and arranged by volunteering Swedish and Chinese students and young entrepreneurs. This youth leadership along with accesibilty are two of our cornerstones.

Our core values are: Accessible, Representative and Sustainable.

Accessible: We wish to make the Swedish and Chinese markets more accessible. Beyond start-ups and investors, anyone is welcome to our forums. Young and old, professional and rookie; we believe in the power of people. That successful business is achieved by individuals working together over ages and sectors, to drive change and push boundaries to set future development. It is from when people meet each other and have access to information, that great things are achieved. Available, dynamic and interdisciplinary environments are core ingredients for such endeavours to take off.

Representative: Successful business and cooperation is built on trust and understanding. For Swedish and Chinese to succeed in each other’s markets, reliable partnerships need to be forged. We have a 50/50 policy, that means we involve both Swedish and Chinese actors on an equal level. From our annual project groups mixed by both Swedish and Chinese students; to speakers, companies and topics, this principle is followed. The future between Sweden and China relies on the human relations and partnerships forged between Swedish and Chinese individuals. We wish to start foster such relations from an early stage.

Sustainable: The future belongs to the next generations. This is true in terms of both people and ideas. We wish to connect young and old, the will with the means, to thrive in each other’s company and to elevate the smart, lucrative and mutual solutions that will further the development of our human societies. Along with bridging ideas and experience, we believe the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship, to be essential for a sustainable future.