Welcome to Sweden-China Startup Forum

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Sweden-China Startup Forum is a start-up event, dedicated to elevate and connect the Swedish and Chinese start-up and investment communities. Led by Swedish and Chinese students, entrepreneurs and young professionals, determined to see the full capacity between our two economies fulfilled.

We believe in the power of people, that successful business is achieved when individuals with complementary backgrounds meet and work together, to drive change and set future development. Accessible, dynamic and interdisciplinary environments are core ingredients for such endeavours to take off.

We aim to arrange two annually recurring forums in Sweden and China. To inspire, connect and empower Swedish-Chinese entrepreneurs and partnership. To bridge the will with the means we invite Swedish and Chinese start-ups, investors, students and experts, to engage in discussions on challenges and trends, and most importantly; in meetings from where business shall take off.

Who are we

We are an open, non-profit, politically and religiously independent movement of Swedish and Chinese students, entrepreneurs and young professionals. Any young Swedish or Chinese person, can join and work in one of our project groups and together, in an international team make the forums come true.

We aim to further the creation of a boundless support network, a more accesible and integrated Swedish-Chinese start-up and investment community. This starts with us, the next generation of Swedish and Chinese students and entrepreneurs.

However, we also invite more seasoned and experienced individuals to approach and work together with our young volunteers, as advisers and mentors. Whoever you are, and no matter your age. Are you as passionate about business between Sweden and China as we are? Please contact us to find out how you can help.

How it all started

Sweden-China Startup Forum originated at Uppsala University as a forum for Swedish and Chinese students to meet and discuss how to further business and career opportunities between Sweden and China. After the first forum in the spring of 2016, the founders journeyed to China and met with Swedish and Chinese students, young professionals and alumni. Together they decided to turn the concept into an international platform. Two recurring forums in both countries, drawing strength from each other to empower Swedish-Chinese entrepreneurs and partnership.