“Are you still looking for jobs? We have started our own business”_ Chinese international Students run start-ups in Sweden

In China, the falling of capital winter cools down the financing environment and it is increasingly harder for student entrepreneurs to get capital. On the other side of the land in Sweden, three Chinese international students have repeatedly get entrepreneur prizes and investments.

International Student Cases:

Liang Zhenni
Student from Linköping University business school, and the Swedish Academy SI full scholarship winner
Idea: Connecting domestic students with international students to solve the information asymmetry

Zhenni, studying in Swedish university, has gained Swedish Academy SI full scholarship and gets more and more questions on studying in North Europe and scholarship application from students in China. She started to wonder why the information can not be found in China. After comparing the information on websites from home and abroad, she discovers that the detailed information abroad is hard to find in Chinese websites.

Then Zhenni presented her business idea to Chalmers Venture Incubator, a startup incubator in Gothenburg, Sweden. Among near 100 projects, her project became one of a dozen projects won 20,000 Swedish Krona fund. After 10 weeks, her team won the Best Business Idea in Venture Cup, got the Chalmers Venture Angel Investment and officially entered into the incubator. Then her team changed their website to shunengwuhuo (孰能无惑, International website is: studyabroad.live), a version closer to the audiences according to a more advanced business plan, making the Q&A process more real-time. The team hopes the website could transfer into a Webinar for the next step. As Zhenni said, all has just started.

Zhu Dan
Student from Linköping University business school, promoting keyboard protector from China to Sweden
Innovation: From the business atmosphere in school and the opportunity in daily life

Zhu Dan is the founder of a local start-up, mainly producing computer configurations like keyboard protector. He said the culture in Sweden encourage young people to start up their own business. The Linköping University has specially established a Entrepreneurship Day. In this day, he practiced the idea to adapt Swedish language to Chinese keyboard protectors and sell them in Sweden.

“In Chinese business atmosphere, people compete with price but in Sweden, people value quality and trust more.” So Zhu Dan joins in local voluntary organizations actively to learn how to construct network with local entrepreneurs. At first, he only had a small-scale business to print business promotional materials on keyboard protectors. Now, he is planning a big project with local government to apply his keyboard protectors to primary to high school computers. Zhu Dan learned that local government will give free computers to primary to high school students through the communication with the market. He is trying to negotiate with local government to provide keyboard protectors to this special market. This will definitely be a big opportunity for Zhu Dan.

Zhu Chu

Student from Royal Institute of Technology, Master with double major in Engineering and Management of Information Systems and Business Management; Founder of Student Competitions AB; First-prize winner of Global Entrepreneurship

Idea: Entrepreneurship from personal competition experiences

The idea of Zhu Chu is to gather the competition information from students all over the world and publish them on their website. (www.studentcompetitions.com) He became exited when talking about his idea, “The four founders of the website are all enthusiasts on student competitions. Our goal is to help the companies to organize the competition to improve their brand image to attract more qualified students, i.e. future employees. We are trying to build a platform connecting students, companies and universities through competitions. The company started to attract attention from the business reality show Dragon’s Den and successfully got the investment from local investors. The judges from Global Entrepreneurship Award said that Zhu Chu started his business in a short time and broadened his business scope to the global, which will be amazing.

The open and diversified environment in Sweden provides a possibility for the success of those students. The experiences and efforts they make abroad encourage them in the face of difficulties. As for their companies, the joy of winning the prize will fade away, and the higher mountain ahead is waiting for them to climb.

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