How much Swedish love to play games? The game industry in Sweden tells everything!

It is well known that Sweden is famous for its “three high characters”——high latitude, high income and high welfare. Compared to other European countries, special climate and simple lifestyle in Sweden contribute to its unique lively and prosperous city culture. Swedish people value the balance between life and work and they try to create freshness for life. You may know that Sweden is a heaven for technical enthusiasts, but you may have not heard how much Swedish people love to play games. They not only enjoy playing games, but also do well in producing and developing games. This passage will lead you to the game industry in Sweden.

The game industry has long been branded. For example, the Candy Crush sweeping over Chinese Universities is produced and developed by Swedish company. Games produced in Sweden are the highlights on the E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo held in LA America annually. Christofer Sundberg, the general manager of Avalanche Studios said during the E3 in 2013 that Sweden dominated the whole E3 in 2013.”

Games have brought huge scale of benefits for Sweden. Minecraft company received the profits of 1.5 billion Swedish Kroner, which equals to 230 million dollars. In addition, the game category in Sweden is diversified, including 3A works such as Mirror’s Edge, Battlefield and Just Cause, casual games such as Candy Crush and independent games such as Minecraft, Hotline Miami and Year Walk.

Dreamhack is the largest scale electronic sport offline gathering in the world held in Sweden. It is held twice annually according to the school vacation time, one in summer and one in winter. In each gathering, the games are played continuously for 4 days, 24 hours for one day. As the statistics on the spot,the online numbers can up to 200 thousand people. It held 3 Guinness World Record, namely the largest scale Local Area Network gathering in the world, the fastest net speed in the world and the largest network flow gathering instantly.

Why the game industry in Sweden is so advanced?

In 1990, the government gave each household money to buy computers so that every child has the chance to be exposed to computers and start their game journey. In 2000, Swedish government has enabled every household and school to connect high quality network. Besides, cold and long winter gives Swedish people more time to stay at home and games give Swedish people more relaxing choice.Some politicians do common that “Games make students perform worse academically.” But Swedish people do not believe in this and there are politicians and people from all walks of life stand out to defend game industry, proving that games are beneficial to the mind and relaxing.

Top universities in Sweden, such as Uppsala University and Lund University have opened majors related to game
design which are among the major subjects. For example, there are Game design、Game writing、Graphics、Programming、Sound/Music. The university has facilitated game labs and they provide PHD programs to encourage students to deepen their researches on games.Different programs are designed for different kinds of games and students from various majors can cooperate and produce a game by themselves.

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